The Sweet Path to Wellness: Why Our Hot Cocoa Is a Healthy Choice

Cocoa lovers and health nuts unite! No, you didn’t read that wrong - we know you never would have imagined reading those two things in the same sentence, but here we are! At NŌK CHOC, we aim to make the tastiest and healthiest cocoa around, so everyone can experience the love and celebration that each cup brings. Though it may seem impossible, we have created one of the best cocoa mixes out there! If you’re still a little skeptical, read on to get all of the dirty little details.

Vegan, Dairy Free!

For more than just personal health benefits, we’ve decided that all our products will be vegan and dairy-free. If you are already familiar with the health benefits of going vegan, there really isn’t that much to elaborate on as far as your health goes. But we still want to drive home the point that our products will never pose a risk to those that are lactose-intolerant or mal-absorbent and are not derived from any animal product, and we are proud of it!

Low in Sugar, and Sugar-Free Options!

Processed sugar has just about taken over our diets, even though it poses significant health risks. That’s why we decided to limit the amount of sugar we put into every cup and provide sugar-free alternatives to those who are sensitive to it (or are just going above and beyond for their health goals). Even if sugar isn’t on top of your mind, we’ve already thought about it for you!


For more than just those with allergies to soy, it is a little-known fact that soy can negatively impact our health. Many health providers tell new mothers and pregnant women to avoid incorporating soy into their diets because of the risk to babies and children, so why should we treat it any differently? Soy is known to be linked with cancer growth, hormonal imbalances, and thyroid issues, posing a large threat to our health. So, we just cut it out of our recipe!

All Natural Flavors!

Our cocoa pays homage to indigenous communities in Nigeria, and our ingredients are composed of the native cocoa plants grown in West Africa. We want to keep our flavor true to their culture and provide you with the most authentic taste possible! Because of this, all our products contain all-natural flavors. By achieving this goal, we are not only bringing some of Africa’s taste to you, but we are also making efforts to limit the amount of synthetic, artificial, and processed particles that enter your body.


Whether you have a gluten allergy/intolerance or have strict dietary preferences, we want to make sure you can indulge in the love. Gluten is linked to high blood pressure, inflammation, digestive problems, and so much more. For those reasons, we wanted to leave it out to keep you feeling as great as possible!

Low in Calories!

Even for those who are watching their weight, NŌK CHOC is perfect! With the same number of calories as a light snack, you can still enjoy a decadent sweet treat without worrying about going over your calorie budget. Have no fear when you’re invited to family dinners, potlucks, and more because you already know that you can bring Calabar Cocoa along to share with your community.

Benefits of Cocoa

Most of us these days want to demonize chocolate for being too sugary and unhealthy, but we rarely talk about the many benefits cocoa can provide to our health. Admittedly, all cocoa isn’t created equal, but natural cocoa with minimal processing can actually lower blood pressure, preventing cell damage, introducing antioxidants and so much more.

NŌK CHOC to bring back the healthy love of cocoa, because our cocoa will love you back!

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