Taste the Difference: How Our Hot Cocoa Nurtures African Communities

At NŌK CHOC we strive to use the tastiest and healthiest ingredients in all our cocoas - all of our products are vegan, gluten-free, and low in sugar. But did you know that our main goal is focused on educating young girls in Africa? Here at NŌK CHOC we want to make the world a better place; whether it is through our healthy ingredients, sustainable practices, or social goals, we are always here to provide hope and inspiration, no matter what form that comes. However, the company started with the main purpose of funding the construction of a public education center designed specifically for young girls in Africa. 
This mission all started when our founder, Idara Otu, and Board Chair of the non-profit organization called Let Girls Read, Run, Grow, wanted to raise funds for an all-girls primary school in her native state in Nigeria. A significant goal that required long-term sustainability, she had to think about ways to consistently raise money for this mission, through every economic cycle. With a background in business, she thought what better way to marry entrepreneurship with this noble cause and NŌK CHOC was well on its way.


One of the hardest parts was deciding what product to use to reach the goal. Idara had the dream of creating a product that was not only profitable, healthy, and sustainable, but also something that would help bring together communities across the world. She also wanted to incorporate her own interests, to back a passion she truly enjoyed. Cocoa was the perfect product to fit the bill.

Cocoa is indigenous to Nigeria, and Nigeria is the fourth largest producer of cocoa worldwide. Check.

Idara got to work on this project, building it from the ground up, and our beloved mission became known as NŌK CHOC. Today, we donate at least 25% of our profits to fund the LGRRG Academy to fund the primary education of up to 300 girls annually. We as a community are excited to see what the future holds for our goals and missions!

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