How Our Low-sugar, Gluten-free Cocoa Enhances Your Well-being

Our hot chocolate lovers know that NŌK CHOC has such a wonderfully unique taste fit for any occasion, but did you know that our outstanding flavors do not come at the cost of your health? How is that possible, you say? Well, all of our products have less sugar than the common household brand and are gluten-free, ensuring you get the most positivity from each sip without consequences.


We understand that so many people are realizing that they are gluten-intolerant, with evidence such as the rising rates of celiac disease, and we want everyone to be included in our celebration. Gluten sensitivity often comes with some pretty heavy costs, and having to either choose between your favorite treats or a massive stomach ache is not fun. So, we want to meet you in the middle, with a product that tastes good and won’t make your digestive tract act up. On top of that, gluten is also known to cause many ailments unrelated to sensitivity, including poor skin, brain fog, inflammation, fatigue, headaches, IBS, and so much more - so we just cut it out!

Limiting Processed Sugar

Processed sugar has been proven to be literally addictive, and contributes to some of the top causes of death in America including heart disease, obesity, diabetes, fatty liver disease, and other symptoms like inflammation, weight gain, high blood pressure, fatigue, headaches, hormonal imbalances, and the list goes on. This is why we decided to use the least amount of refined sugar as possible, in favor of more naturally occurring sugars and sweeteners that are known to be significantly healthier to your body. Alternatively, we also offer sugar-free versions of all of our flavors just to make sure that we are 100% inclusive of everyone’s dietary needs.


We understand that soy has been linked to many health issues that range from an upset stomach, all the way to chronic illness - which is why we had to steer clear. Soy has been proven to increase digestive issues, pulmonary problems, thyroid malfunction, and even cancer. With so many risks associated with it for such an insignificant ingredient, we decided to swap the commonly used soy lecithin for sunflower lecithin in our blends.

The Power of Chocolate and Cocoa

Did you know that some forms of chocolate and natural cocoa are actually linked to improving your health? As surprising as it sounds, studies have shown that certain chocolates and cocoas can reduce blood pressure, strengthen cells, improve blood flow, prevent clotting, and other benefits. Cocoa has also proven to reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol, produce antioxidants, lower the risk of heart disease, and may even help you lose weight by boosting energy and metabolism. How’s that for another reason to brew a cup of NŌK CHOC.

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