How Entrepreneurs Can Give Back

With so much negativity circulating around the media, it's not hard to feel ourselves wanting to experience grace and make the world a better place at the same time. Here at NŌK CHOC, that is exactly what our brand intends to do. We want to feel the warmth of good people in the world, while also contributing to positive social development across the globe. One effective way we have been able to accomplish this is through philanthropy, by giving back through our business. If you are like our founder, Idara Otu, a young female entrepreneur who wants to give back to her community, here are a few ways you can help incorporate philanthropy into all levels of your company.

Company Volunteering

An easy way to get the ball rolling is to encourage volunteering amongst employees and coordinate events and causes to support, and there are a few ways to do this. One is to volunteer as a company for a specific cause, likely something that aligns with company goals, or is a partnership. A great perk is that it can also serve as a team-bonding exercise! You can also offer paid volunteer days for employees to take time or offer free services that your company usually would charge for.

Sales and Marketing

If you have the resources, a great long-term option would be to partner and collaborate with a charity or organization, opening many doors for volunteering and philanthropy. You could create a limited-edition product or service that generates funding for a specific cause, or consistently donate a portion of your sales to a partnered organization, like we do.

Local Philanthropy

Boosting local programs and funding local initiatives are also great ways to give back to your community and boost your image at the same time! Some ideas include sponsoring events, providing resources for small businesses, fund and donate to community development projects, host education and career workshops, and offer scholarships or grants for community members.

Other Ways to Give Back

There are also other ways in which you can ensure your company is doing as much as it can to better the world we live in, that are not directly tied to volunteering or charity. Many modernized businesses have also set up environmental sustainability initiatives, global health support, disaster relief donations, and Fair-Trade Practices. These aspects of environmental and social sustainability are especially needed amongst the scare of global warming and the need for disaster reparations.

The Bottom Line…

There is so much that entrepreneurs, CEOs, managers, employers, founders, and everyone else can do to help bring some positivity into the world, and the real goal is to do the best that you can. One of the most effective ways to encourage philanthropy and kindness is to be an example yourself, and others will follow suit.

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