From West Africa With Love: The Cultural Heritage of Our Hot Cocoa

Most NŌK CHOC lovers know that our mission to change the world is through funding schools in Nigeria for the purpose of educating the undereducated girl populations there. But there are also quite a few other aspects of our business that positively impact such communities across the globe.

Firstly, there is a great economic boost for the communities that grow and process our cocoa. NŌK CHOC is creating many jobs for the communities where we source our cocoa—jobs specifically for women. This allows more families to experience financial security in their household.

According to IZA World of Labor, Female labor force participation is an important driver (and outcome) of a country’s growth and development.


In fact, Nigeria is the fourth largest exporter of the world’s cocoa beans, and cocoa is the leading agricultural export for the country. Of these, the cocoa is usually not farmed on large plantations, but rather on the smaller family-owned properties. When viewing it this way, it is clear to see how leveraging a simple, yet crucial crop, can have a large impact.

Secondly, NŌK CHOC strives to share some of the subcultures of Nigerian tribes with the world. From the representation of cultural characters to common dances performed at rituals for tribal masquerades, we demand awareness for these communities. It is our hope that the exposure to this culture gets you thinking about other countries in Africa, and how you can make a difference, and weave yourself into the fabric of such rich culture. And, if all else fails, support a product that is making a difference in girls’ education.

Thirdly, our founder, Idara Otu, has a dream to fund the education of young women and it doesn't stop at addition and subtraction. She also wants to encourage girls to be leaders, to be agents for change in their own lives as well as in their communities. Using NŌK CHOC as an example of a successful woman-led business, girls all over can see how entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and perseverance can have a huge impact on many people all over the place.

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